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Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority Visits Irvine Chamber to Promote Trade

Korean Trade Group Visits Irvine Chamber of Commerce as Part of a Multi-City Tour to Stimulate Trade with the Busan-Jinhae Regio

Victor DiCarlo,

“Both sides are putting the mechanisms in place to take advantage of the boom in trade following the passage of the Free Trade Agreement,” Stated Christopher Lynch, VP of Business & Economic Development at the Irvine Chamber. He also added, “This deal will be worth of billions of dollars in annual trade… we are hoping for a quick implementation of the treaty so we can begin our path to economic growth.”

The BJFEZ visit was part of a three-city tour, which also included Washington D.C and Philadelphia. Irvine was the final stop before returning to Korea. The Korean delegation was led by Myeung Keun Ha, Commissioner of the BJFEZ Authority. The BJFEZ represents a specific area which covers a 83.1 sq km area with a population of 243,000, and is dedicated to providing the best environment for business and living to attract leading multinational companies, and businesses to make Korea the business hub for the Northeast Asia region.

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