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Global Business

World-Class Advantages in Irvine

Irvine presents a very appealing and attractive set of features for the location and operation of firms, agencies, and organizations which serve the globe. More than nearly any other U.S. city of its size, Irvine offers features conducive to the conduct of international business.

Irvine Economic Development Department has Trusted Partners experienced with Imports & Exports throughout the world. The Irvine Chamber of Commerce also offers free webinars with US Commercial Service officials from around the world. 

The Irvine Economic Development Website events calendar is your resource for local government and private sector information lectures, classes, certificate and training programs. 


Free Webinars            Gov't Webinars               Trusted Partners         

Irvine is an ideal location for national corporate offices or major regional offices; examples of companies who have chosen Irvine because of it's international business advantages are:

  *  Multinational firms
  *  Trade development agencies
  *  Importers and exporters of products and/or services
  *  Service and support for importers and exporters


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