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The Irvine Chamber is proud to offer business owners and managers FREE, interactive online webinars accessible by PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. The weekly webinars cover a range of topics relevant to businesses including financing, entrepreneur and start-up tools and case studies, HR, public and private sector connections and resources, sales and marketing, social media engagement and operational issues designed to save money and make money.

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January 2015 Irvine Builds Businesses Program Calendar 

January 29th

Rieva Lesonsky's Hottest Business Trends For 2015


Want to know what's hot and what's not in the business community for 2015? Join author and business expert Rieva Lesonsky as she identifies the trends and opportunities you need to be aware of as a business owner. This is the third year that we have had the pleasure of presenting Rieva's hottest trends analysis, and we're glad to have her back! Rieva will cover:


  • Best startup opportunities for 2015
  • Trends in business and markets you need to be aware of
  • How to connect your company to the best business growth opportunities


Rieva Lesonsky is CEO and Founder of GrowBiz Media, a content and consulting company specializing in covering small businesses and entrepreneurship. She has appeared on hundreds of radio shows and numerous local and national television programs, including the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox Business News, The Martha Stewart show and Oprah and can regularly be seen on MSNBC’s Your Business.

February 2015 Irvine Builds Businesses Program Calendar


February 5

Megatrend: The Over-fifty Entrepreneur


What do you get when you combine the multiple trends of a large aging population, increasing individual empowerment through technology, and economic forecasts anticipating that many older adults will work well into their later years? You get the megatrend of adults starting and running their own businesses later in life. Once considered the territory of the young, entrepreneurship is now for anybody, especially older adults with a lifetime of skills to take advantage of. Irvine Builds Businesses Host Robert Coleman will cover this megatrend and explore the implications for the business community both young and old. You will discover:


  • Why ALL businesses should pay attention to the over-fifty entrepreneur
  • The economic and social impacts of an older workforce
  • The rules, risks, and opportunities for older adults who start their own businesses


Robert Coleman has been a small business consultant for well over 25 years, which comfortably places him in the position of both being an over-fifty entrepreneur himself and understanding the risks/rewards of entrepreneurship later in life.


February 12

Video Marketing Using YouTube


Everybody knows that YouTube is the market leader for promoting video content, from iPhone video selfies to large corporate marketing campaigns. If this is true, how well are YOU using its powerful promotional tools to market your products and services? Don’t worry if you feel a bit behind the curve on using YouTube because we have video expert Dia North to show you how to take maximum advantage of YouTube as a marketing resource. Dia will cover:

  • How to develop video content that creates a positive impression for your products/services on YouTube
  • Navigating and using YouTube’s internal resources to generate pull and attract an audience
  • How to combine YouTube videos as part of a larger marketing program


Dia North Productions has produced more than 1,000 online videos for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and foundations.


February 19

Are You Prepared for Better Times?


There’s still time in the New Year to think about your forward-looking business initiatives and plans for 2015. Join us this week as David Harris and Dennis Wright of the Orange County chapter of SCORE help you strategize for growth and success. SCORE is the free mentoring resource you need to solve critical business problems whether you’re a new business just getting started or a more established business making decisions regarding the year ahead. In this presentation, David and Dennis will share numerous anecdotes about businesses that have achieved outstanding success as well as sharing cautionary stories about the mistakes made by others that you definitely want to avoid. Gain new ideas and insights for your business through the assistance of these seasoned experts.


February 26th

Attracting New Customers Using Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing relies upon the power of the Internet to attract leads, prospect, and turn them into valuable customers. Instead of simply buying ads and hoping for the best, inbound marketing leverages what your customers are naturally attracted to learn more about.  Find out how you can use powerful inbound marketing techniques in your own marketing campaign in this informative presentation presented by Jaco Grobbelaar, CEO of BroadVision Marketing. Jaco will cover:

  • The differences between inbound and outbound marketing
  • What is a “Persona”
  • Effective inbound marketing techniques for small businesses

Jaco Grobbelaar is CEO and Founder of BroadVision Marketing, a digital marketing agency. BVM specializes in working with business owners and business professionals to generate sales ready prospects. They help clients to implement inbound marketing and marketing automation strategies that accelerate their revenue growth. Jaco is a frequent presenter and speaker and will share selected case studies about businesses and their respective inbound marketing experiences

 (Click here for recorded webinar archive)


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